How Few Individuals Cheat By Selling Products On Facebook Groups in Kuwait
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How Few Individuals Cheat By Products On Facebook Groups in Kuwait?

One of my friends brought a light ball for her kid, it cost her 1 KD from City  Centre, as I wanted something similar, I tried in the city center and other places but couldn’t get anywhere in Kuwait. My friend saw something similar in one of the Facebook groups and tagged me; I went to the post and checked the details.

Simillar by Seller on Oyher  Facebook Group - Link

Buy And Sell Kuwait facebook Groups


The product description, image, and video looked very cool and it was costing KD 6.5, I commented on the post asking about the store location. . The seller messaged me on Facebook and told me that she doesn’t have any store, they sell only online and delivery charges to Salmiya would be KD 1.5. This is where I felt something fishy, but I wanted to try out this for two reasons. a. If they are not cheating that could be a good product for my kid’s b. If they are cheating, I want to know how they do it, so I can alert others; I was ready to take a risk of 8 KD. I asked her through chat, whether they have a warranty and how do I contact them if I have some problem with the product, she said you will have one year warranty, when the product is delivered you will get an invoice and you will contact no on the invoice. She took my address and contact details. And he told me to send the image of the invoice once the product was delivered.

On the same day evening, the product got delivered. The delivery boy gave the product and invoice, when I spoke to him; he said he was delivering so many products like this every day. Immediately I sent an invoice to the seller.   I went home and opened the product, in the description of the product she mentioned Bluetooth and Remote , but there was no manual , no brand , no remote , no bluetooth or anything and the quality of the product is very bad.

This is how product looked and not working

buy and sell kuwait facebook groups


I messaged her  after sending the invoice she didn’t respond to any of the messages for a week, then I tried to contact them no’s given on invoice are not working. She deleted the post also.


Expresss United

After a week I got a reply then she was saying "It's Chinese, and that's your bad luck. I don't open every box and see what's in it. “I asked about warranty no response from her. 

Fake products on facebook groups

You can check seller profile -


          After few days, one of my friends commented on a similar post and he was charging 11 KD with delivery, I warned my friend about the quality, and asked few queries to the seller in the comments section, Facebook post link I asked the guy a. What is the brand b? What is the company name selling it c Where is the company address he was not able to give a proper answer to any of the queries


Note - if you want to buy a product online make sure you ask the following queries

1. What Brand

2. What Company in Kuwait

3. Company Contact Details

4. Product Warranty


Few posts by sellers in groups

1. Link

Facebook Fake Products Posts on Group

Products sold on facebook Groups

Products sold on facebook Groups


if you still want to buy without these details then it is your risk








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