Garrulity --- From Tehran To Dahieh
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IF Hassan Nasrallah is the best product of Iran, it is not surprising for that country to experience such a devastating economic crisis. Ayatollah pushed the citizens to this crisis due to the reckless terrorist plan, because the man is a miniature of the power-deluded peacock regime which tests its strength on its people.

This is the conclusion of a living witness who encountered the Hezbollah militant leader whose illusion expanded, up to the extent of depicting himself as the spiritual leader of the so-called resistant pivot; forgetting that he lives in the tunnel due to fear of Israel over which he has been claiming fake triumphs.

For almost three hours, the man uttered many theories which cannot ride on rainbow, far from reality like the distance between the Earth and Mars. He confirmed a deal to drag Lebanon into a new battle against Israel through the tunnel which he admitted to have dug with reckless ostentation; not realizing he presented a justification for attack on his country, except that he is trying to use it as an avenue for disconnecting interests between South Dahieh and Tel Aviv.

Nasrallah talked about Syria as if he is the commanderin- chief of its armed forces. A popular Lebanese adage, “Bald boasting about his aunt’s hair,” is applicable to him. The vagabond does not have any glory in the victory of Syria over terrorism and its firm stance against the socalled Arab Spring. He is rather among those who spilled the blood of their compatriots in a bid to plant sectarian crisis based on the activities of Iran in Lebanon and Iraq.

For the umpteenth time, Nasrallah is akin to Aragus especially when he talks about meetings and the messages he receives from leaders of countries; forgetting that nobody in this world values his weight. He has value only in Iran which feeds him with the kind of message to be delivered to foes. However, he should, as a matter of fact, understand that those messages always carry wrong subjects; because the world has long been convinced that the only remedy for the situation of Iran and its sectarian militants is cauterization, while the terrorism boil he caused to the region should be removed.

Nasrallah, in a laughable garrulity two days ago, concocted lies like the fictions that old people used to narrate to their grandchildren in the past century. This is not strange for a man who is bankrupt of ideas to sell to people just to ensure they stay around him. This is even important as the Mullah regime’s fortresses have been collapsing due to international sanctions and escalation of citizens’ curse on Ayatollah in majority of Iranian cities, which Nasrallah refuted due to fear that his political end is in sight. Is it logical that he did not hear about the strike and demonstrations which enveloped Iran in protest against the suffocating living crisis? Didn’t he hear about Basij killing poor protesters? If the situation of the Lebanese decision snatcher is like this, then it is not surprising to see the absence of government and active constitutional institutions; because this person who lost touch with reality executes whatever Iran draws for him and gambles with the fate of the Lebanese to serve the failing interests of Tehran.

The gangster leader prompted the Lebanese to flee from their country due to his action against them, while he led his country to become a pariah among Arabs and the international community. Amidst the disturbing situation, does anybody expect this country to regain its strength before expelling ‘Hezb Al-Shaytan’ from the political scene and cutting off the hand of Iran from Lebanon?

28 Jan, 2019 1 856
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