Factors That Make Canada The Hot Spot For Immigrants
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1. Diversity and pluralism

Canada is a diverse country and people here hold pluralistic values. The country is home to people from different backgrounds, races, cultures, and countries. The best thing about Canada is that it has the culture here catalyzes acceptance and assimilation of people from diverse backgrounds. While many countries feel threatened by diversity and differences, Canada has made diversity its strength. The people are peaceful and the crime rate is low in Canada. Most of the immigrants in Canada come from Asia and Europe.

2. Language

Language is the next thing that attracts many people to Canada. The primary languages spoken in Canada are English and French – two of the world’s most spoken languages. Even though people living in Canada come from different backgrounds and countries, they are able to communicate in at least one of the languages spoken here.

3. Income and employment opportunities

Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia in terms of land. This also makes Canada’s economy one of the largest economies in the world. Immigrants are able to find better employment opportunities in Canada and earn more income. This is particularly true if you are skilled, well educated, and experienced.

4. Quality of life

There is no doubt that Canada ranks higher in the list of countries that provide the best quality of life to their inhabitants. Whether it is education, healthcare, recreational facilities, entertainment, or security of life and property, Canada is among the leading countries in almost all aspects of life. This is yet another powerful factor that makes Canada a hotspot of immigrants.

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