Extremely Late Food Delivery From Pizza Hut Through Talabat
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We went to beach in evening on Sunday and on our return we decided to order pizza for dinner from Pizza Hut through Talabat.

We placed the order at 7 pm even before we reached home so that by the time we freshen up at home the food will be delivered. when we ordered it showed delivery time is 25 to 30 mins

We also had 2 friends over with us.We waited for 1 hr and the pizza was still not delivered.  We tried contacting the numbers provided on Talabat but none of the calls were getting through.We also tried to use the live chat service but even that was not getting through has waiting quee is 169.

Even the status of our order was still showing received and preparing for more than 1hr 30 mins. The Time is 8.25 pm we were in confusion what to do as we are dying with hunger, all restaurant deliveries stopped and most of the restaurants closed as it is already late.At 8.30 pm we received a call from the driver asking for our address so I sent my location on  whatsapp and waiting for delivery ,  We checked the app the status of our order was showing preparing. Our friends were getting late to go home because of the curfew starting at 9 pm.

We  are waiting for 30 mins more for the driver to arrive.Our friends gave up and decided to go back home without dinner at 8:55 pm,So i went down with my friends , my friends were on their way to cars , suddenly a pizza delivery boy stopped near me , i called my friends immediately by shouting and asking the delivery boy to give our order, then we came to know its not out order again we disappointed it was order from opposite building, then a delivery car came luckily this it was our order. we collected the order our order was limo pizza, i got some plates immediately cut the pizza and gave to my friends.


Pizza Hut Delivery Through Talabat

We planned everything as per the time shown for the delivery so that we dont have to cook at home but sadly everything failed.I accepted the order as I don’t have any option , if it is normal days I would have rejected the order.

- I agree during this pandemic time things may be little late , when you are able to not deliver in time why you showing wrong timing , The food that was supposed to reach in 25-30 mins took 2 hrs without any update or heads up that it will take time.

- In Most of the countries if you don’t deliver in time, there is no need to pay for order

- No Proper Customer support either from Talabat or Pizza hut







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