Drawbacks Of Body-building
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Since early times, many men preferred to look in society, particularly in front of women, like strong human beings with bulging muscles. The strength is often represented in muscle mass, but in terms of human progress and the invention of arms and ammunition, a bullet not more than 15 cms long can destroy all the efforts of 20 years of muscle building.

New martial arts such as judo, taekwondo, kung fu and others have emerged, which can be mastered, albeit small-bodied, small-muscle, to overcome the massive muscle and this can be done very easily.

Despite the fact that all scientific researches and human experiences have proved that women are not attracted to musclemen, that did not prevent a large proportion of men from resorting to different ways to build their bodies, especially since there are those who have a material interest in promoting the myth that the muscular man is the strongest or the most beautiful.

Among those who work for their own interest are sports clubs, those who work in the art of muscle-building, but often this  seems all in vain. The tragedy is that neither these drugs nor the muscle-building clubs are subject to sufficient control over their activities, though most of them have done more bad than good.

Historically, muscles have been built with hard exercises and rich foods, but with scientific progress they can be obtained in unhealthy and even illegal ways, including testosterone injections, or male hormone, which exist in different proportions in both sexes. It is produced in the uterus of females and in genitals of males. The level of this hormone is linked to the ability to sexual performance and hair growth and reproduction and increase in muscle mass.

Despite the benefits of testosterone, it also has known side effects as it affects the performance of cardiovascular activity and arteries, and causes an increase in blood pressure, and so on. The majority of these symptoms have appeared on military school students and conscripts, some of whom have resorted to taking these injections to overcome the difficulties of training while others did not meet the conditions to join military colleges but for the intermediaries and nepotism.

Doctors have warned of the tendency of many young people to build their muscles at the expense of their virility, especially those who often go to the gyms. Doctors also affirmed that Prolactin and testosterone injections cause sexual dysfunction, impotency, problems in the liver, testicles and arteries because they cause large muscle build-up, but they also inhibit men’s sexual desire, and the increase in Prolactin hormone leads to non-reproduction and loss of sexual desire .

The First Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister, Sheikh Nasser Al-Sabah had earlier formed an investigation committee to look into cases of death at the military college and reopened investigations of previous deaths. Despite the report, points were not satisfactory to some, and there was no accurate and adequate explanation about those who are responsible.

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