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Your Highness the Prime Minister! I have no doubt that you, like any sincere citizen who loves this country is dissatisfied with the size of corruption – disclosed and undisclosed.

I know very well that you do not have a magic wand to eliminate this scourge, and that all attempts to form commissions of inquiry and referral to the prosecution seem unable to catch up with almost daily scandals, embezzlement, theft of funds and plots of land, stealing of seals, transgression on public money and trafficking in humans, money exceeding millions of dinars in each case, in addition to tremendous fraud issues which has caused losses in tens of thousands of dinars of citizens savings, and I do not know what will come next.

Personally speaking I am tired, I do not have enough time to write about everything, and I do not think I’ll ever see the final outcome of dozens of cases brought to justice, or the results of the commissions of inquiry, or I will even see a serious intention to recover the looted public funds and money of future generations, or bringing the looters to the judiciary.

I also do not think that the government has the ability – put intentions aside – to reveal all those who have obtained their secondary, university and doctorate degrees, for the purpose of bragging or to have the PhD title in front of their names. The number is so big; it is difficult to pursue them.

Thus my aspirations for reform will be minimal, and I will limit it to prosecuting and accounting people of two categories — those who have obtained their degrees from the phantom University of Athens, since determining these people and their jobs is easy, especially that a court ruling has been issued previously nullifying the validity of the certificates issued by the shop of the American University of Athens.

Your Highness, it only needs an official from your office to contact those who hold such certificates and to return to the Kuwait Treasury every penny they have received illegally from the state.

The first category: those who took up the most important and sensitive political and administrative posts and are still at the top of their work, including the sons of influential senior officials and the sons of former ministers that have been appointed to their posts upon their invalid certificates.

The second category are those who have been appointed upon these certificates — which are not worth the paper they are printed on — in dangerous technical posts as field engineers, electricians, mechanics and computer engineers, electronic engineers, project engineers, applied engineering, communications and civil engineering, that is to say those who design buildings and bridges, and determine structural materials requirements, and other graduates of law and even medicine.

Your Highness, if you do that, you will win the hearts of the entire nation, and hope for reform remains a dream, but achievable.

Your Highness, I send this message from over the water, not underwater, and I wish you would receive it while enjoying good health and wellness.

Note: Ahmad Al-Athari, former Director of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training announced in June 2016 in Al-Qabas newspaper that the American University in Athens is equivalent to Harvard University.

28 Mar, 2019 2 847
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