Divorce Process For Expatriate In Kuwait Varies Depending On Each Case
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Obtaining a divorce in Kuwait as an expatriate can be a very stressful but necessary process.

First in order to attempt to file for a divorce in Kuwait, the expatriates must have the marriage certificate/license (Arabic translation authenticated, if married outside of Kuwait), and civil id cards and passports for both spouses.

If you were married in Kuwait and both spouses still reside in Kuwait, then you make a request for a same day divorce, if there are no issues to litigate (e.g., alimony, child custody, etc).

If you were married outside of Kuwait and both spouses still reside in Kuwait, then you must file a case for divorce to obtain a judgment from the courts.

We often receive phone calls where a spouse is no longer residing within Kuwait. In this regard, you can file for a divorce either in Kuwait or the country the other spouse resides. Spouses should be aware that it is more complicated to file a case when the other spouse resides outside of Kuwait because the courts may have trouble trying to serve notice in the foreign country.

While no one can foresee divorce upon marriage, but expatriates should make themselves aware of the divorce process within Kuwait if they plan to reside here long-term.

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