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Carriage has become one of the most heard off and must have food delivery application to hit Kuwait. They are making waves when it comes to eateries that serve fresh produce foods. We have all heard the saying ‘Sometimes, less is more’ carriage truly gives you the most concise list of expert-selected places that don’t usually do delivery. Here is where you can quickly discover which place to choose from and saves you the hassle of having to dig around too much. So you can enjoy more time savoring the delicious food and less time browsing. Carriage has done a great job of making the app aesthetically pleasing, easy and simple to use. There’s no minimum order charge but there’s a small service fee of KWD 1 per order which carriage charges. With real-time tracking and your exact location of your home address being automatically detected on the map saves you the unnecessary typing out your location details. It’s sleek profile has the option which tracks your previous orders. You can pay your bill by three options cash on delivery, credit card or K-NET. It is best app for food delivery in Kuwait. This final score for the app is 4.0 out of 5

Carriage Online Food Delivery App in Kuwait

Carriage Online Food Delivery App in Kuwait


Download Carriage available on both IOS and Play Store

Kateh Restaurant Kuwait

My first food order I placed on Carriage got me feeling like royalty inside out and was delivered in no time. Firstly, the food packaging arrived at the best condition, no tarnished goods for sure. Persian cuisine is one of the world’s greatest gastronomies and Kateh did absolute justice. It’s more than just kebabs! this is how eating turned into an adventure I discovered a dash of exotic nuts and fragrant spices making its way like hidden treasures into every dish. It’s definitely the real deal with a repertoire of dishes imbued with fresh flowers and herbs like rose petals and spices like saffron. With the plethora of ingredients it still maintained a striking balance without overpowering any flavors. I am thankful to Kateh for making me re-live the sultani times and giving my palate a taste to always remember. The final score for the food is 8.0/10

Here a  link to Carriage Instagram account, this will be a treat to your eyes as well.

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