By-elections - Many Drops Make A Shower
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THE by-election, which took place Saturday, was not just an election to fill two vacant parliamentary seats; it was a prelude to the next election and change of populace mood.

This by-election signifies the game change that prevailed in the past decades; hence, those concerned ought to contemplate on these results and study the outcome in order to build on it.

One thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the fall of tribalism, sectarianism and partisan-charged temperament of voters. Second is that the voters were convinced to give opportunity to the youths and those who are not tainted with corruption.

The two winners are youths who lack parliamentary experience. The outcome of the votes revealed that the voters are distancing themselves from those with experience but failed to deliver or fell into the trap of exchange of interests and political deals.

The third thing worth mentioning about the recent by-election is the fall of candidates from the ‘Brotherhood’ and Salafists. This means the popularity of these two factions is fading. These two groups worked for years to bend the society through laws which curtailed freedoms and liberties, because they installed themselves as custodians of the society. They banish anyone as they please and punish whoever differs from them, in addition to striving to change the culture of the society.

In the past decade, their aims and objectives were exposed, especially their efforts to import the chaotic experience known as ‘Arab Spring’ to the country in order to drag it into the furnace of blood and destruction.

Today is the right moment to exit from the circle of political blackmail and to ask the government to work seriously in eliminating opportunity from the forces of pressure represented by tribes, sects and factions which exert tremendous efforts to maintain the privileges they gained throughout the past years.

They regard such privileges as rights, particularly in relation to employment, protecting the corrupt and preventing accountability; thereby, weakening State institutions that have been enduring enormous disasters for some years.

The young parliamentarians, whose number keeps growing, represent about 65 percent of the people who received glamorous promises during election campaigns.

Afterwards, they got ironed by disruption of their interests due to MPs who seek deals with the government which is eager to avoid accountability for ministers who under perform, while productivity is zero. In addition, bills are sleeping in shelves, while the country continues to retrogress.

Today, all this will change if Kuwaitis continue with their position during the by-election. The government should comprehend the lessons and emancipate itself from the cage of fear in order to enter the cosmos of work so that in the future, it does not regret the lost opportunities.

18 Mar, 2019 0 760
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