Be Merciful And Courteous
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In any given dysfunctional society, a woman is faced with suspicions. This is neither the title of a movie nor the title of a novel but it is a description of the reality we are living today and every day.

There are more questionable and dangerous circles surrounding such a woman. It is how they consider her – a shame, suspicious and socially dysfunctional – because she decided to live away from a bullying man.

The society sees the need to get rid of this woman because she is a failure; she failed to preserve her fiefdom and that of the master whose name she decided to carry. She is a failure because she did not manage to bear his atrocities and burn down her principles under his “noble” feet.

It is a shame that is staring at the society and needs to be dealt with before it spreads and tarnishes everyone.

A woman being suspicious is not a joke in a dysfunctional society; in fact, it is an absolute truth that is confirmed every day in a ridiculous society where women have a phobia towards the title “divorced”.

Unfortunately, this title sparks the urge to challenge her and dig more trenches in her path before she infiltrates your house and shares your bed with your husband.

Also, the opinion or rather reaction of some men dictates to them that, whenever a divorced woman applies lipstick and talks gently, it is a sign that she wants to have an affair.

This also applies to shallow-minded individuals who watch every move of a divorced woman. Wherever she appears, she gets suspicious looks. It is as though she was created to carry flag of the cliché – “Fight them before killing principles”.

Those who blame this woman and accuse her of failure are not to be blamed. They have not lived the kind of life that she has endured. Perhaps, if they watch such details in a foreign movie, they wouldn’t comprehend it.

Nonetheless, we want to put an end to the tendencies to bully and oppress women. We completely believe that our societies are not utopia; hence we step forward to exonerate every divorced woman.

It is unfortunate that among women, there are some wicked ones; but that does not give anyone the right to psychologically punish every woman who met her fate of divorce.

She is part of this human society, and she did not choose to be the way she is. A horrible man could have hurt her and rendered her to partly hide in everything, even in herself.

Should I tell you about the man who puts pills that induce hallucination into his wife’s juice in order for her to lose her mental balance so that he can take over the house and children?

Didn’t I tell you about the man who tied his wife to the bed and left her to deal with his psychological disorder, for which evidences cannot be obtained, because whenever he is in public, he is completely normal, while the house continues to destroy the woman in fear of the title “divorce”?

I promise to tell you more next time, but until then, be merciful and courteous.

28 Mar, 2019 2 1011
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