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Weekend hunting for food, lured us to Baba Shah Restaurant in Sharq.An attractive place, decorated with appetizing and colourful food frames, well lit and comfortable interiors with light music playing the in the background, opened just three months ago greeted us with a warm welcome.

We were served with a complimentary lentil shorba/ soup with two options to select from a spicy chicken noodle shorba with a heavy tomato flavour and the other was a green lentil shorba / soup with a nice earthy flavour.A mixed vegetable pickle (turshi) that was served along had a twist in its flavour of sweet and tangy.

Baba Shah Restaurant Iranian Cuisine Kuwait City

 With a decent spread of authentic Iranian flavours, we ordered their recommended Jelo Sultan Kebab. The dish served a grilled kebab and a well-seasoned beaten steak which initially I thought would be dry and overcooked ,but to my surprise it was juicy and tender .Served with a side of Okra stew and Jelo as they explained, meaning accompanied with rice, made the dish as a whole a complete delight.

Baba Shah Restaurant Iranian Cuisine Kuwait City

We also tried their Joojeh on charcoal; a grilled chicken with an aromatic saffron flavour which was nice and tender, but they could do better with the seasoning as it was bland . I personally feel they should have added more spices and  it would taste just perfect.

Baba Shah Restaurant Iranian Cuisine Kuwait City


All the food with a refreshing glass of Laban regular or with mint was a decent dining experience.

It’s a good place for a casual dinner with family or friends.

  • Baba Shah also has a breakfast menu, which they plan to open from 7:00am to 11:00am post Ramadan.
  • Their service is good and fast.
  • They have friendly interactive staff.
  • The only mode of payment they accept is cash.
  • Limited parking.
  • A lot of the dishes from their menu were missing as they are a new start up.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Delivery available on Talabat.


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Contact details: 96765050, 96766060, 22432255

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