What To Do When You Get Covid-19 Positive In Kuwait
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Coronavirus is spreading all over the world and so in Kuwait. In this situation we all are taking good care of ourselves but we are still worried about if we get infected by Covid-19 then what shall we do. Where shall we go for Covid-19 PCR test in Kuwait? What is the protocol we need to follow when we get Covid 19 positive in Kuwait? What medicines we need to take? And where to go for medical treatment?

Well.!!! We are here to answers all your questions as we are sharing an experience of a Person from Kuwait who got Covid 19 positive. Our purpose for writing this article is to provide a personal perspective of a person’s Covid-19 journey.  

Two weeks back in the evening I suddenly felt body pain and fever, So I took Panadol before goint to be bult felt shivering in middle of night . So, I decided to go for Covid-19 test as I had symptoms of that.

Next morning, I went for Covid-19 test at Metro Medical Centre.

(Covid-19 RT-PCR Test Centres In Kuwait)

I got my test result by 2 pm and it was positive as expected. 

I Got this message with my test report:

Global Med Clinic Lab Civil ID XXXXXXXXXXXXX You are COVID-19 Positive. Follow the Home isolation instructions of MOHvisit Jabriya Health Centre in 24 hours (from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM) Centre is closed on Saturdays. Download Shlonik app through: http://onelink.to/efcteb Isolation Certificate will not be issued unless you visit the health centre. Please Wear a mask.”

Within an hour of I got my positive report I got a call from MOH asking me to download shlonik app.  I had downloaded the app filled all the mandatory details. Then I got a message from the app that my quarantine started from today.

Next day I need to visit the Jabriya Clinic. On the app I was looking for an option to take permission to visit the hospital but I didn’t find any. Then I went to the jabriya clinic. As the application was keeping track of my location so it gave me warning not to move out of quarantine but still i went as i dont have any option.

I reached the hospital they asked me to fill the form with all details like my civil id, symptoms and address. Then I consulted a doctor where doctor suggested me to take Vitamin C, Zinc and Panadol medicines. Medicines may differ from person to person depending on their symptoms. I also asked the doctor what should I do in case my condition gets critical. He said to call 151 or visit Mubarakiya hospital

Hospital Depends on Your Governorate

Hawally Governorate – Mubarakiya hospital

Ahamdi Governorate – Adan hospital

Luckily, I didn’t have much symptoms, other than little weakness, light fever.  I have completed my quarantine of 10 days. After completing quarantine, I need to visit Jabriya Health Clinic to get isolation certificate. It is mandatory to visit and get your isolation certificate even if you don't need it.

I went to the clinic in the morning on Sunday, there is already a large queue of 100 members waiting in the line outside, it was very difficult for me and others to stand in the queue as we all were suffering from same post covid symptoms (weakness). When my turn came, I went inside and there is a QR code we need to scan from our app which confirms that our isolation is completed, after that I met a doctor, I thought he will ask how I am feeling but he just asked what’s your civil id no, mobile no and he said you can leave now you will get isolation certificate through SMS.

within few minutes I got a SMS

" CID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
شهادة إنهاء العزل جاهزة. للتحميل اضغط على الرابط بالأسفل:
Your COVID-19 isolation completion certificate is ready. To download, please visit the link below
https://tinyurl.com/xxxxxx "

You need to click the link and enter your Civil ID no and Mobile no to get your certificate, which you can submit to your company to get paid leave. 

I registered for vaccination in the first month when they opened , still waiting for vaccination now i have to wait atleast 3 months for vaccination

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Share your experience in the comment box so that it will be helpful for others.



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