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Good morning dear and honorable brothers and sisters and I wish you all a happy summer vacation. In this article I would like to propose a scenario which we all wish to be implemented when it comes to hiring a domestic helper, either a male of a female, in a house or a company. The scenario starts right at the airport when the domestic worker arrives as the sponsor and his or her family would be waiting at the airport arrival lounge to greet her or him with a rose. The domestic worker now is amazed by the unexpected scene where he or she was expecting a frowny face or a yelling to start the contract with but it turned out to be the opposite, Alhamdulillah. 

The second step is taking her or him in the car to go home, and during the journey, nice gossip and cordial talk is exchanged between the employer and the worker where the latter is hearing enormous amounts of praise and future joy to come and he/she is now talking to himself: Am I still dreaming? Please God no.
The group now reached home and the sponsor is taking the hand of the worker to his or her elegant room sparkled with roses and fresh cold air telling him or her: It is your palace sister/brother, do not hesitate to call on me if you find any default in it, we are your family. The worker is still dazzled and breathless and can't get out of this unforeseen situation but still is asking Almighty Allah to have this dream come true.
The next morning, the worker wakes up while being awaited by the entire family to greet him or her telling him to start work as usual but without excessive load and schedule is now given. 6 hours of work till 2 pm and then rest break till 5 pm with the privilege to use the mobile to assure his or her family, of course with internet provided.

The family now decides to go shopping and of course stop to eat something. They asked the worker to come along with them to buy her or him what he or she needs of clothes, hygiene stuff, mobile load and other necessities. Once done, they would go to eat something. The poor worker goes far to sit alone at a table but was told to come join the family. The worker anew becomes astonished and approaches timidly and sits while gazing at all not knowing what is happening. He was told that this is the appropriate behavior of a Muslim when dealing with his worker as stated in the holy Quran and Prophet Mohammad peace and blessing be upon him. He/she was told that Islam forbids mistreatment of a worker and he or she must be paid before their sweat dries. A worker is considered part of the family and he/she must be fed, dressed, given attention to the same way as the sponsor. He/she must be given rest time, not to be yelled at in case of any mistake in addition to be given a nice and polite word and most importantly a "Thank you". he/she was also told that the kids must also respect the worker and not to increase their burdens and to help them when needed as this is the real Islam.
The journey concludes with a big smile and a promise to the worker that he or she will never regret the day he /she decided to come to Kuwait and work for the sake of their loved ones.
What a nice scenario to be implemented by everybody for the sake of those helpless workers who left everything behind to come here make a decent living for their loved ones, crying kids, helpless parents, handicapped bother or sister or those with damaged homes as a result of natural disasters.
Let us be their second family, let us extend a helping hand to them, let us draw a smile on their faces. They are here to help not to destroy, they are here to care and protect our homes when we are gone, so help them and wait for Allah's reward.
Till the next article insha Allah.

Talal Alghani

27 Jun, 2018 2 3079
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