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One cannot Think, Love, Sleep Well If not dined well .  -Virgina Wolf 

And 'Da Wang' a Korean restaurant in Kuwait just proves that right. 
Located near Holiday Inn, Salmiya, a small Korean restaurant with bright and cozy interiors, is a food joint that serves close to authentic Korean cuisine.  
Their menu includes a lot of Asian dishes as appetizers which includes  BULGOGI meaning  'fire meat ' grilled or barbecued,  BIBIM  BAP which is a rice dish mixed with various ingredients ,are amongst the well-known .
We tried the HOT POT which was the main attraction , a dish containing raw ingredients like meat (lamb ,beef ,chicken , shrimps)  or  vegetables cooked by dipping them in a boiling broth.
Da Wang menu has quite a few other interesting options of the same in spicy ,non spicy ,or both split in 2 , served with well flavored sides like kimchi , pickled radish ,sea weed etc . 
It is an experience as they place an induction stove on your table with a pan of broth and allow you to cook the raw ingredients on a set time and temperature.
You enjoy it fresh and hot and as the stove is at your table you don’t have to fear your food getting cold .
The HOT POT is served in a good quantity and can be shared between 4-5 people.

Da Wang Kuwait Korean Restaurant Salmiya

We also tried the chicken dumplings that were accompanied by a delicious dip of the Korean recipe and oh, they were amazing!

Post dinner must try their tea which is infused with flavors like lemongrass, ginger, honey and some special ingredients that leave you so refreshed. 

Not to forget to mention -the tea is complimentary, a kind gesture from them that we appreciate.

Da Wang Kuwait Korean Restaurant Salmiya

• Staff is friendly but there is a communication gap as they do not speak or understand English fluently.  
• You also need to find yourself a parking spot as the restaurant does not provide a parking space. 
• They Do Not accept Knet , hence you carry cash .
• A little disappointed as they did not have everything mentioned ,available on their menu .
• Limited seating , hence reservation is recommended. 
Fairly priced, it was overall an amazing experience .
If I may suggest ,the HOT POT is just perfect for a winter night .

Follow Them  - https://www.instagram.com/dawangkuwait/

Google Maps Location - https://goo.gl/maps/i8e71rHNc8Z3kt216

Contact No - 60009585

Reviewed by-  Mariam .Tarwalla

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